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Risk Assessment & Tree Protection CD

The basics of risk assessment identify the factors involved in evaluating risk for tree failure and resulting damage if targets are present, and defines related legal terms, such as liability and negligence. This CD also discusses the proactive arborist’s role in successful tree protection and preservation on a construction site.

Soil & Water

An essential overview of the key roles soil and water play in the development and continued health of trees, this CD explains the relationship between tree root systems and soils; provides valuable insight into the effects of water availability in the root zone; and discusses successful irrigation practices.

Plant Health Care

Study the philosophy of Plant Health Care (PHC), a holistic and comprehensive program for managing health, structure, and appearance of plants with limited pesticide application. Principles for a systematic diagnostic process are explained.

Planting and Early Care

Planting a tree involves much more than just digging a hole. This CD covers nursery stock selection, establishment techniques, planting specifications, and young tree training.

Tree Maintenance

Trees can live for many years when given the proper care. Learn all of the basics of tree support systems, fertilization, and lightning protection.

Tree Identification & Selection

Want to know how to pick the right tree for a certain location? This CD teaches the basic strategies for tree identification and selecting the right tree for the site.


Learn how to prune trees the right way. This CD covers the basic principles of pruning and practices and strategies.

Diagnosis & Disorders

Learn both biotic and abiotic plant disorders using this CD. It contains strategies for diagnosis and a printable diagnostic worksheet.

Tree Worker Safety

Lessons included are general safety, climbing, and rigging. Check out the animated knots in this CD.

Identificación y Selección de Árboles

¿Quiere saber cómo seleccionar el árbol apropiado para un lugar determinado? Este CD le enseña estrategias básicas de identificación y selección del árbol apropiado para un lugar determinado.

Diagnóstico y Desórdenes

¡Aprenda cómo diagnosticar desórdenes bióticos y abióticos en los árboles!


¡Aprenda a podar los árboles ahora! Además de los principios básicos de poda, este CD presenta también prácticas y estrategias.

Seguridad para Trabajadores de Árboles

Lecciones incluyen seguridad, trepa, y cordaje. ¡Pruébelo ahora!

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